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Safety Modifications for The Bathroom

Posted by [email protected] on May 17, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (40)

Bathroom Safety Modifications

We've all heard that the majority of falls and accidents happen within the confines of the bathroom. These mishaps occur more often to the frail, unstable, elderly population.  A fall or other occurence could stem from a recent illness or surgery, or a life altering disease. This sickness or disease could cause unstable balance or blurred vision. With that being said, take into consideration  how the odds for an elderly person increase for having an accidental slip or fall, in the bathroom area.

5 Perfect Tips For Making The Bathroom Safe

1. Make sure adequete lighting is available going to and from the bathroom.

2.Remove all rugs that are not secured permantely to the floor, to avoid slips and falls.

3. Make sure all hot and cold temperature handles are marked clearly. Especially with the hot water, to avoid getting scalded.

4.Remove all shower doors to a have a clear entry to the shower/tub area. A simple plastic curtain can be used in place of the shower doors.

5. Use a shower stool/chair to avoid falling while in the shower/tub.

Other bath safety items to consider when trying to make the bathroom a safer place.

Grab bars

Transfer Bench

Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet Safety Rails

Permanent Grab Bars

Tub Safety Grab Bar

Handheld Shower Sprayer

Bedside Commode

Transfer Boards

Non-Slip Bath Mats

In conclusion, making the bathroom a safer place will allow elderly individuals to live a much more carefree life at home. These bathroom safety items will give a piece of mind feeling to their loved ones just knowing that all measures have been taken to secure a safe place within the bathroom. Avoiding the pitfalls that occur in every bathroom can prolong an elderly person's life and enable the freedom of living at home throughout their senoir years.

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Bathroom Safety Tips For The Older Population

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Bathroom Safety Tips For The Elderly

In most people's house, the bathroom seems to be the safe, comfortable place. For example, think of a soothing hot bath ,a deluge from the daily pressures of life.

However, it can also be one of the most dangerous and risky rooms in the house. This is holds a lot of truth for the older, elderly adults. Alongside, a small amount of resolution and employing a few basic bathroom safety tips, you can make the bathroom a safe and relaxing place for everyone in the household.


Enjoy these relaxing tips to make your life much easier in the bathroom.

1. Maintain the water heater temperature at 120 degrees or lower, if needed.

2. Always have someone close by for safety measures, in case a slip or fall occurs.

3. Keep all social areas well lit for night traffic to and from the bathroom.

4. Add grab bars and transfer benches and shower stools to prevent unwanted falls.

5. Add slip proof mats to the inside of shower/tub and outside of shower/tub area.

6. Ensure the bathroom doors have locks on both sides, in case of an accident and someone can unlock door from the outside.


With that being said, as we age we want to live at home longer. This can only happen if the proper responsibility is taken to make the bathroom a safer place within the household.. The elderly need help in making sure their home is safe in all areas , especially the bathroom area.

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Bath Safety Tips

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Focus on these Bath Safety TIps to keep the bathroom safe from falls.

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Bathroom Safety First

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Bathroom Safety/Bath Safety Aids



According to Mountaineer Complete Care, understanding how to make your bathroom safe is an important aspect of daily living. The bathroom area tends to be a favorite place for falls and injuries to occur. However, certain people with mobility disadvantages are more likely to suffer falls, than other individuals This fact is because the bathroom is very dangerous, due to numerous slick surfaces and excess water. Therefore, safeguarding your bathroom and protecting yourself against accidents will always promote an atmosphere of healthy, independent living, at home.


Mountaineer Complete Care carries all the products to outfit your bathroom for safety, allowing you to keep your bathroom quit, private, comfortable, and free of injuries. We carry a variety of bath stools, transfer benches, toilet seat risers, toilet safety rails, bath mats, grab bars, and much more.


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